Stop Wasting Food

Don't throw good food away

What is Yokti ?

You open a jar of sauce. You don't use all of it, so you put the rest in the fridge.

The jar says use within one month.

But in a couple of weeks, you have forgotten when you put it in the fridge.

So you throw it away.

Not any more.

You add a Yokti QR code sticker to the jar and activate it.

Now, all you or anyone needs to do is scan the QR code to check how long the jar has been opened.

How Yokti Works

Apply Tag

Scan & Set

Check Date

No App Needed

No need for you or anyone who wants to scan to download apps. Just use your phone's QR code scanner to activate and read the tags.

No Subscription

Tags work immediately. No messing about with registrations, passwords or subscriptions. Just scan and start.

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