About Yokti

What is Yokti ?

Yokti is designed to help prevent food waste by making sure that open food jars are not thrown out before they should be. It's designed to be simple and quick to use. It's designed so that anyone can scan a tag without any app or registration. 

It's estimated that in the UK alone, 6.5 million tonnes of food is wasted every year. An astonishing 30% of all food purchased is thrown away. It's estimated that of the food that is thrown away, over 60% could still be eaten. One of the reasons for this is that food is thrown away 'just in case'. And part of this is that you never really know how long something has been in the fridge. 

And it's not just the waste of food itself - it's also the waste of money. It's estimated that an average family of four in the UK can save over £60 per month by managing and reducing their food wastage. 

So how does Yokti help ? 

Most tubes, tubs or jars of food will have 'use within 4 weeks of opening' or similar on the side. But unless you know when the jar was actually opened, food might be thrown too early. That's where Yokti comes in. Simply apply a QR code label to the side, scan and activate. Now anyone can check with a scan how long the items have been opened or how long since they were purchased. 

No registration is necessary and it's completely subscription free. 

Why not use a pen ? 

Sure. You can always write on the jars and tubs with a pen if you can get it to write ! However, adding a date isn't as useful. You need to calculate how many weeks from that date until today's date has passed. All of which is a hassle. Yokti tells you with a quick scan exactly how many weeks, days and even seconds has passed since tag activation. It's just easier.

The Company

Yokti launched in 2021 in the UK and will gradually rolling out across Europe and North America through 2022. We will also start selling Yokti tags on Amazon. 

Yokti is developed and managed by TabDesk, an established UK company that specialises in the supply of NFC tags, QR code labels and related software. We manage tens of millions of tags and have the experience to make sure the platform is reliable and effective. 

Yokti was our way of creating a project that might make a difference to the planet.