What is Yokti ? 

Yokti is an easy to use subscription-free, registration-free and app-free platform that allows you to use QR code labels to quickly tag anything that might expire with an open or purchase date. 

How do I use Yokti ?

Just purchase some labels. The tags are ready to use the instant you scan them with your phone. 

Is Yokti free ?

The Yokti platform is subscription free. Once you have purchased the tags, there are no further charges to use the tags.

Where can I get Yokti tags ?

Yokti tags can be purchased online here and will shortly be available on Amazon and eBay. 

Can I use my own tags ? 

Yokti QR code labels are pre-programmed to work with the Yokti platform. Other QR code labels will not work. 

Do I need to register ? 

Yokti is a registration free platform and you don't need to register to use it. 

Do the Yokti tags expire ?

Yes. Yokti QR code labels can be used for two years after the purchase date and/or two years after activation - whatever is the later date. So labels you purchase today can be activated for up to two years and any activated label would work for two years after it has been activated.  

Is the data stored on the tags ?

No. All the Yokti tags are simply an ID. All the data is stored off the tag on our servers. However, please note that we do not currently provide any way for you to recover any data should the tag be lost or destroyed. As there is no registration process, we have no way of knowing who owned each tag so cannot safely recover any data. 

Can I change the App ?

Once a Yokti app has been selected, that tag is permanently locked to that app.