What is Yokti ? 

Yokti is a platform which allows you to use QR code and NFC labels to tag anything with simple data. For example, you can tag a jar of mayo to record when it was opened. You can tag a plant pot to remind you what was planted. It's very easy to use and very quick to get started. 

How do I use Yokti ?

Purchase some labels online here or on Amazon or eBay. The tags are ready to use the instant you scan them with your phone. Select an App and that's it !

Is Yokti free ?

The Yokti platform is subscription free. Once you have purchased the tags, there are no further charges to use the tags.

Where can I get Yokti tags ?

Yokti tags can be purchased online here and will shortly be available on Amazon and eBay. 

Can I use my own tags ? 

Yokti tags are pre-programmed to work with the Yokti platform. Other QR code or NFC tags will not work. 

Do I need to register ? 

Yokti is a registration free platform and you don't need to register to use it. You can register if you want for the purposes of managing multiple tags and creating a more secure platform but there's no requirement to do so. 

How secure is Yokti ? 

Yokti tags are each encoded with a unique code. It would take a million computers each hitting our servers thousands of times a second for a thousand years to statistically have a chance of finding a single code. In short, you should be fairly safe storing the date you opened your jar of mayo or when you last serviced your boiler ! 

However, we will shortly be releasing three additional secure options including authentication grade Auth NFC tags, Control Tags (which will not require a password sign-in) and also a 'traditional' registration system Control Account with password. 

Should I use QR Codes or NFC Tags ?

From an eco-friendly point of view, you should be using our paper QR code labels. However, for longer term tagging, NFC offers a quicker and easier scanning choice. Both work the same with the Yokti platform and both provide access to all the micro Apps. 

How long with the data last ?

Apart from our self-destruct message App which will erase the data after a period of time you decide - the data will stay on our servers for 18 months after the last scan. For each scan, the erase period is reset. This time period is designed to allow for tags which might, for example, record a yearly service interval.  

Is the data stored on the tags ?

No. All the Yokti tags are simply an ID. All the data is stored off the tag on our servers. However, please note that we do not currently provide any way for you to recover any data should the tag be lost or destroyed. As there is no registration process, we have no way of knowing who owned each tag so cannot safely recover any data. 

If you use a Control system with either a Control Tag or via a Control Account (both coming soon) then you can keep a store of the tags under your control and delete both the tag and the data stored behind it. 

Can I change the App ?

Once an App has been selected, that tag is permanently locked to that App. If you select an App with Flex options, you can change data on that App - for example, updating a count or the date, or changing a text note - but you can't change to a different App.