Yokti Micro Apps

The Yokti platform is built around a selection of micro applications - easy to use, fast to set. 

Status Apps

These are apps designed to show the current status of an item or object. 


One way and two way counters with manual or automatic increments. 
Example : Keeping track of how many items you have left or have used.

Multi Status

Set multiple status options and quick tap change between them.
Example : Monitoring if the coffee supply needs re-stocking

Regular Action

Set a status and it will automatically 'time-out' after a set period of time.
Example : Checking if the cat has been fed in a busy household

Date & Time Apps

These are apps designed to store dates and times. 


Allows you to set a date, which can be updated (flex) or fixed. 
Example : Set a purchase date

Time Since

Set a date/time counter from the moment the app was set.
Example : Monitor how long since a food item was opened

Time Until

Set a date/time in the future and scan to see a countdown of time until then.
Example : Set how long until the boiler next needs a service

Auto Log

Automatically log the date and time on each Yokti tag scan.
Example : Create a log for each time a location has been checked

Manual Log

This app allows a manual date or date time log 
Example : Registration of a regular action to check last check registration

Text Apps

Apps designed to store notes or short ID


Store a short text ID. 
Example : Register an item as an asset


Store a short text note and optionally the date you set it.
Example : Keep a note of where and when you purchased an item

Self Destruct Message

Set a message that will vanish after a scan or after a period of time.
Example : Set secret messages to anyone 

Quick Set Apps

Apps designed for specific purposes for fast deployment


Quickly set a tag to display the time since opened. 
Example : Apply to household item like paint to track how long it's been opened


Quickly set an interval to an expiry date. Will display countdown on each scan. 
Example : Apply to perishable food item  to indicate when it will expire